Get It In Writing

March 16, 2016


signing of treaty on wooden table on color background

As you tour a potential new home, you notice that the carpeting in the living room is stained. “Don’t worry about that,” says the homeowner, who senses your disapproval. “We’re going to get the carpeting professionally cleaned before we move.”

Should you take their word for it?

Regardless of how honest a seller may seem, never rely on a verbal promise.

Will they move that abandoned car in the back yard? Will they fix the crack in the front steps? Is that expensive-looking ceiling fan included with the house?

Don’t assume. Get it written into the offer.

Similarly, following a home inspection negotiation, often times the seller may agree to make some repairs or financial concessions, you will want to make sure they make their way into the purchase and sale agreement and be specific about it.  Don’t be afraid to make the seller provide receipts as proof the work was done by a professional.  If it is not in writing, your options for recourse will be limited.